“The message I want to share is: Don’t delay. Go for it now. Surfing creates community. Surfing brings joy. And it’s teaching me to live fearlessly.”
-Danielle Cass, a Berkeley surfer who learned to surf a year ago at 52

For a happiness boost, take the two minutes to watch Cass’s video about how and why she started surfing at 52.

We all need something like this. The stunning visuals and powerful lyrics in this video (“at least you’re … freeeeee!”) drive that point home.

What brings you joy, pushes you beyond your comfort zone, and makes you feel free? Do more of that.

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About the Author: Katie Burke

Katie Burke
Katie Burke is an award-winning author, San Francisco attorney, journalist, and surfer. Her first book, Urban Playground: What Kids Say About Living in San Francisco, was critically acclaimed. Her next book, the forthcoming Sea Change: Women and Nonbinary People Reshaping Surfing Wave by Wave, is scheduled for publication in July 2023.

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